In-person retreat presentations are currently available only on a case by case basis.

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to ask if it would be possible to book this retreat for your group.

Epiclesis Consulting LLC's "Retreat Preacher" YouTube channel provides a couple of miniaturized samples of retreats that can be offered in person in a fuller format. If your group likes the topic of one of the mini-retreats, click the Contact link to request the retreat in one of the following formats:


  • Mission Evening: $100 per session
  • Half-day: $225
  • Full day: $400
  • Overnight: $500
  • Full weekend (Friday night-Sunday morning): $1000

 To schedule one of these retreats for your group, click the Contact link and request your preferred topic, length, date, and location. Trish O’Connor will get back to you promptly for all necessary arrangements. (NOTE: At this time, in-person retreats are only available on a case-by-case basis.)

*Fees listed are for presentation only, not including photocopying, presenter's accommodations and travel costs. Travel fees may be charged for venues more than 35 miles from Epiclesis Consulting’s base of operations in northern Indiana. When you fill out the Contact form, please give the address where you wish the event to be held so that Trish can tell you what travel fees, if any, would apply.

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