A ghostwriter composes the text of the manuscript, while another person’s name appears on the cover as the author. In a real sense, the named person is the “author” in the sense that the impetus for the project and to some extent its content comes from that person, while the ghostwriter performs the skilled labor of producing a clearly written manuscript to communicate the author’s message.

Ghostwriting is a somewhat sensitive topic, but should not be cause for embarrassment. Many legitimate reasons may lead authors to seek a ghostwriter, from time to expertise, but they all come down to having something important to say while recognizing that they are, for whatever reason, not in a position to create the best way of saying it. Contact us if you think you may need a ghostwriter for a project.

It is the policy of Epiclesis Consulting LLC to provide ghostwriting services on a flat fee basis, rather than sharing of copyright or royalties. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, but only in the case of book proposals accepted for commercial publication. Subsidy-published and self-published books can be ghostwritten on a flat fee basis only. Copyright will be surrendered completely to the author upon full payment of the fee.