Manuscript Format

Click the Contact link to ask about sending your manuscript for an estimate for editorial services.


If, after reading a brief description of your project, Trish feels that she may be of some help, she will invite you to send the manuscript for an estimate so that you can determine if it fits into both your budget and your timeline.


After you have been invited to send your manuscript to Epiclesis Consulting for a personally prepared estimate, please send an electronic version as an email attachment to the email address you will be provided. Although we make some allowances for differing levels of technical ability (after all, you are an author, not necessarily a master typist), if possible, please follow the following format guidelines, which are fairly standard in the publishing industry:

  • Microsoft Word® format, saved in Compatibility Mode as a .docx document
  • Double spaced
  • In a plain font, such as Arial or Times New Roman
  • In a typeface no smaller than 12 point
  • One-inch margins on top, bottom, left and right of each page
  • Justified on left margin only
  • Indent first word of each new paragraph by five spaces, using automatic settings if possible rather than the Tab key and DEFINITELY rather than pressing the space bar five times
  • Pages numbered using automatic page numbering with numbers either centered in the footer or on the right side of the header
  • If possible, entire manuscript as a single document (If it must be sent as more than one document, please use document names that clearly identify each document and the order in which they appear, such as your last name followed by the chapter number.)