UPDATE 2/17/2024:

Though the world is no longer considered to be under pandemic conditions, because of my own vulnerable health status, the following precautions remain in effect for Epiclesis Consulting LLC and its publishing division, Epiclesis Press:

  • No exchange of paper communication.
  • In-person retreat presentations available only on a case by case basis.* (NOTE: I remain available for both streamed retreats and for customized "retreat in a box" materials to help you conduct your own retreat. You may use the "Contact" form to request these services.)
  • Face-to-face business meetings only on a case by case basis.* 

*Masks, social distancing, and/or current vaccination may be required.

Thank-you for your support!

Ms. Trish O'Connor, OP

Owner, Epiclesis Press, Division of Epiclesis Consulting LLC

A Message from the Owner

​Regarding COVID-19 Precautions