Truth in Fiction:

A Retreat for Storytellers

From characters who develop a life of their own to universes that seem more real than daily life, storytelling puts us in touch with what it truly means to be “creative.” Whoever tells a story creates a world. For eons, humanity has realized that this creative act carries the potential to teach profound truths about the world in which we live.

Truth in Fiction is a retreat for people who create stories, whether spoken, written or performed. It is designed to provide an opportunity to reflect deeply on the spirituality of fiction for participants ranging from aspiring novelists and screenwriters to professional teachers and preachers. Whether they are active in a specific religious tradition or simply think of themselves as spiritual travelers on life’s journey, retreatants will reflect on how the process of creating fiction illuminates the human experience. Presentations, discussions, and reflections, along with targeted narrative exercises, will highlight our encounter with fundamental truths of our existence through stories whose truth goes beyond mere facts.

Truth in Fiction
is available in these formats, with the corresponding fees*:

  • Half-day: $250
  • Full day: $500
  • Overnight: $750
  • Full weekend (Friday night-Sunday morning): $1500

 To schedule this retreat for your group, click the Contact link and request your preferred length, date, and location. Trish O’Connor will get back to you promptly for all necessary arrangements.

*Fees listed are for presentation only, not including photocopying, presenter's accommodations and travel costs. Travel fees may be charged for venues more than 35 miles from Epiclesis Consulting’s base of operations in northern Indiana. When you fill out the Contact form, please give the address where you wish the event to be held so that Trish can tell you what travel fees, if any, would apply.

In-person retreat presentations are currently available only on a case by case basis.

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