Two Courses in Daily Writing, introductory and follow-up daily writing course

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The Ten Minutes for Ten Days Daily Writing Challenge is a series of ten brief videos that will allow you to try out, at no cost to you, the discipline of daily writing with short timed passages in response to creative prompts. This series gives you a chance to try out daily sketch writing before you decide to take the plunge into one of the self-paced courses on the subject. Start the challenge today!

The Introductory Self-Paced Course on Daily Writing is designed for writers who are at the very beginning of exploring how the discipline of daily writing can help them hone their skills. It is intended to take the typical student 1-2 weeks to complete, but can be used at any pace the student chooses. It will challenge the student with a linked video, reflection questions, assigned reading, and daily writing exercises.

Ten Minutes for Ten Days Daily Writing Challenge Video Series
introductory daily writing course
full daily writing course

The Self-Paced Full Course in Daily Writing is intended for the aspiring author who would like to hone his or her skills with daily writing exercises, but is not sure how to begin, or who has completed the introductory course and wants to learn more. Designed to take a typical student about six weeks to complete, it can be done at each student's individual pace. The student will be challenged by linked videos with reflection questions, assigned reading, and daily writing exercises.

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