Travel Fees

Trish O’Connor is happy to come present a retreat in person for your community. Depending on your location, travel fees may apply. Fees for ground travel from our home base in Elkhart, Indiana to the address where the retreat is to be held are based on the current IRS standard charge for mileage, with the first 70 miles of round trip driving distance being free. For long distances, we instead require your group to purchase a round trip airline ticket, and for medium to long distances, we appreciate or require overnight accommodations for Trish the night before and/or after the retreat, depending on starting and ending times of the event. (These accommodations need not be at a hotel, if a suitable guest room is available.)

The following chart provides some sample fees to help you estimate the amount you may be charged. Keep in mind that these samples are ESTIMATES ONLY. The actual fee based on your specific  address may vary. To receive a quote for the travel fee to your location, please click the Contact link and send us the address where the retreat is to be held.

Although an in-person retreat is ideal, if travel fees put us outside your budget, contact us to request options such as video conferencing or a "retreat in a box."