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Blog Starter Package


Get your new blog off to  good start!

Included in package:

>Critique of up to three possible premises

>Critiques of first three mid-length posts

Critique of Short Blog Post


up to 350 words

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Critique of Long Blog Post


1000-1500 words

Top 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Writing


Custom-written critique based on up to 8000-word sample

Author's Critique Packages:

Critique of Mid-Length Blog Post


350-1000 words

As a writer, sometimes you may find the services available in our Editorial Services section to be overkill for your current needs. Consider purchasing one of our budget-friendly critique packages for a concise professional evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your text.

If your text is specifically for marketing purposes, check out our Business Copy Critiques page for the package that's right for you.

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Critique of Book Manuscript

$70.00 per 10,000 Words

Strengths and weaknesses of your book

Top 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Writing


Custom-written critique based on up to 5000-word sample

Blogger's Critique Packages: