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Writing Critique of Best and Worst Parts of Book Manuscript (up to 10,000 words total)

As a writer, sometimes you may find the services available in our Editorial Services section to be overkill for your current needs (or your current budget), or you may be understandably nervous about committing to a specific editor for your complete manuscript. Consider purchasing our wallet-friendly critique for a concise professional evaluation of your writing's strengths and weaknesses.

One sample should be a passage that you know needs work, while the other should be the passage you believe best exemplifies everything you would like your book to be. The two samples combined may total up to 10,000 words. With just a three-week turnaround time, this critique can give you a running start into a thorough self-edit that may reduce your future editing costs and give your editor a chance to focus on fine-tuning your style rather than getting bogged down in basic corrections. A critique on these short segments can also give you a sense of whether Trish O'Connor may be the right editor for the complete manuscript.

If instead of a book manuscript, you would like input on text written specifically for marketing purposes, check out our Business Copy Critiques page for the package that's right for you.

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Critique of Strongest and Weakest Samples from Book Manuscript

(up to 10,000 words total)

‚Äč$375 USD

Strengths and weaknesses of your writing to help you self-edit your entire manuscript in preparation for professional editing