Set of Six Monthly Collections

Set 1: Titles


30 Creative Prompts

Each gives a title for the passage.

Set 3: Sentences


30 Creative Prompts

Each gives an opening sentence.

For an Entire Year of Growth as a Writer

Other Exercises:

Ten Minutes for Ten Days Daily Writing Challenge Video Series

Set 2: Three Terms


30 Creative Prompts

Each gives 3 terms to include.

A Year of Writer's Sketches


365 Creative Prompts

The Six-Pack: Six Months of Writer's Sketches


180 Creative Prompts in 6 eBooklets

Writing Exercises

Tell Me About It


50 exercises in observation, memory, and imagination,

each beginning, "Tell me about …"

101 Prompts for a

Writer's Journal


Printable lined journal with 101 prompts

to spark reflections on the writing life

Set 5: Beginning/Middle/End


30 Creative Prompts

Each gives three words to include at beginning, middle, and end of passage.

Set 4: Start and Finish


30 Creative Prompts

Each gives first and last word.

A "writer's sketch" is a short passage written without preparation or revision in a fixed period of time in response to a short prompt. Investing just five minutes a day in this exercise will polish your skills and spark your creativity. Each collection includes an introduction to the discipline of daily writing. Choose the one that's right for you:

Monthly Collections Also Available Separately

Daily Writer's Sketches:

Ten Minutes for Ten Days

​Daily Writing Challenge


Set 6: Variety Pack


30 Creative Prompts

A sampler of the types of prompts found in Sets 1-5.

Great writing requires more than inspiration. Regular practice is crucial for developing, polishing and maintaining your skills as an author. Epiclesis Consulting LLC is pleased to offer writing exercises prepared by Trish O'Connor based on her experiences as a professional editor. These collections of exercises are available as printable ebooks in pdf format.

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