Have you been through a radical change in your life? The loss of a job, or the start of a new career? The addition of a new member to your family, or the death of someone you love? A head over heels love affair, or a painful breakup? A disabling illness, or a life-defining achievement?

Whether we see a particular change as positive, negative, or mixed, inevitably life feels out of balance for a while, and it is natural to yearn for the day when things will go “back to normal.”

 The reality, however, is that after a major shift, there can be no going “back,” for we will never be the same again. The best response, far better than going back (even if we could!), is to find the way “forward to normal.” This retreat is designed to help people facing just such a transition in their lives to blaze a trail to a new normalcy that will embody balance, vitality, and dignity. It can be beneficial for diverse groups, such as college freshmen, retirees, cancer patients, and the bereaved.

Trish O’Connor has thus far navigated transitions into life as a full-time student, professional lay minister, banker, business owner and most recently cancer survivor, shifts that made surviving a house fire seem like child's play. In creating the Forward to Normal retreat, she has prepared reflections, discussion-starters and journal exercises to help others navigate the radical changes in their own lives.

Forward to Normal is available in the following formats, with the corresponding fees*:

  • Meeting (about an hour and a half): $125
  • Half-day: $225
  • Full day: $400
  • Overnight: (1 ½ day): $500
  • Weekend (2 nights): $1000
  • 5-day: $2000

 To schedule this retreat for your group, click the Contact link and request your preferred length, date, and location. Trish O’Connor will get back to you promptly for all necessary arrangements.

*Fees listed are for presentation only, not including photocopying, presenter's accommodations and travel costs. Travel fees may be charged for venues more than 35 miles from Epiclesis Consulting’s base of operations in northern Indiana. When you fill out the Contact form, please give the address where you wish the event to be held so that Trish can tell you what travel fees, if any, would apply.

Forward to Normal:

A Retreat for Those in Transition

In-person retreat presentations are currently available only on a case by case basis.

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