36-month Diocesan License


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This year has been a difficult one, as parishes (like so many individuals and organizations) have had to scrap long-laid plans for spring and summer faith formation. The 2020 Catholic Jamboree has been designed with the new realities of social distancing and quarantine in mind. With as little lead time as one week, (although 4-5 weeks will allow for a more enhanced program), a parish can choose to have the majority or even all of the activities of Roamin' Through the Rosary conducted by participants in their own homes. If later developments allow, this Jamboree can also be converted into an in-person event.

Roamin' Through the Rosary gives participants of all ages and backgrounds a rich overview of the life of Jesus and of the early Church, along with the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the episodes that make up the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

Priced for tight budgets, the Catholic Jamboree is available in a 24-month license for parishes or a 36-month license for dioceses. Both packages include the same great program materials:

  • Planning Manual for the pastor, Program Director, and parish staff
  • Home Guide for every participating household, with clear instructions for activities for Tiny Mighties, Crafty Kids, Sports Camp Heroes, Teen Reflecting Pool, and Grown-Ups in Growth
  • Links to videos specially prepared for every age track
  • Printable memory games, journal prompts, and discussion starters
  • Roamin' Through the Rosary logo in JPEG format for use in your Jamboree promotions and communications

​​Nihil Obstat: Monsignor Michael Heintz 
Imprimatur: Bishop Kevin Rhoades

Roamin' Through the Rosary 24-month Parish License
Roamin' Through the Rosary 24-month Parish License

What is the Catholic Jamboree?

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The Catholic Jamboree is more than a VBS alternative, more than a retreat outline, more than a parish mission, though it includes elements of all of these. This short-term parish catechetical event offers age-appropriate activities for ages four through adult on a specific topic grounded in Catholic teaching and tradition.


24-month Parish License


(hosted off site)


2020 edition still available!